Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cape Wants To Clean Up Downtown

Posted: Oct 11, 2011 4:45 PM EDT Updated: Oct 11, 2011 5:57 PM EDT By Alex Boyer, NBC2 Reporter CAPE CORAL, FL -
The Community Redevelopment Agency is trying to attract more customers to the area off Cape Coral Parkway, but with vacant, overgrown businesses – it's a challenge. That's why officials are trying to improve the city's image by cleaning up some of its streets.
Lou Simmons is proud of the business he's built. Simmons and his wife own the Cape Coral Dog Bakery in downtown Cape Coral.
"Just a complete success story," said Simmons.
Simmons wants to keep that success going by keeping the south Cape clean.
"There's still some very bad spots that have to be addressed," said Simmons.
And they are - one by one. 

There have been ten pages worth of code complaints in the south Cape over the past four months. People have reported abandoned businesses, overgrown grass and trash littering properties.
"If you go to a city full of trash and debris you don't want to go down the street," said Simmons.
That's why the CRA pays for its own code enforcement officer.
"We're just trying to get the best possible looking downtown as we can," said John Jacobsen of the CRA.
The officer patrols all 1900 acres in the south Cape.
His constant presence seems to be working. Jacobsen says code complaints have decreased over the past year. And in turn, pedestrian traffic is starting to pick up.
"If we can get the whole CRA district looking better, acting better and attract more people," said Jacobsen.
Almost all of the ten pages of complaints have been closed out, which means the complaints have been taken care of. The CRA hopes to continue on the positive path.

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