Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lehigh to get $1.8 Million in New Parks, Add-Ons

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - By the end of next year, Lehigh Acres could have $1.8 million in new parks and park improvements.
The money, which comes from impact fees, will help fund add-ons to the existing Veterans Park and help build two new parks. One park will sit on the old Admiral Lehigh Golf Course property, which the county says is mostly unused and not the best sight to behold.
"We're keeping it mowed down at the moment," says Debbie Derums, manager of Lee County Parks and Recreation's East Region. "Few people are walking on it, but it's not developed. "It's mostly weeds and overgrown grass, but in a year and a half, Derums says it could be home to a half-mile trail, bathrooms, shelters, and fitness center. The county will also get roughly $126,000 in grant money to help out with the project.
In the same time frame, Derums says Veterans Park could also add a new playing field and a dog park. The canine-friendly facilities would be welcome for dog owners, who are currently prohibited from bringing pets on the property. "There's a dog park in Fort Myers, but honestly it's not really convenient for me," says Lehigh resident Dominque Sanchez.

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